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Professional Bike Fittings

Professional Bike Fitting by the Bicycle Doctor

We here at The Bicycle Doctor believe that your bike fitting you is as important as deciding what kind of bike to buy. So, after hearing and seeing the many different approaches on how to fit a cyclist to a bike, we have focused on what we believe is the best fitting system in the industry, “The Serotta Personal Fit System”. We have two Serotta advanced certified fit technicians on staff here and they are ready and willing to discuss you fitting needs.

The Bicycle Doctor Bike FittingThe Personal Fit begins with no preconceptions, no template, no bike at all -- just your body in motion, in space. Most fit systems compare you to a data base of cyclists. We've always believed that you are the only cyclist that matters. Your Fit is based on you as a unique cyclist, your style of riding, the individual way you move as you ride and how your bike should move with you.

A Personal Fit is just that --personal. We don't just ask you to fill out a questionnaire or take standard measurements. We plan to invest an hour or more of our time learning all we can about you as a cyclist before we even think about making any recommendations or adjustments.

We start your fit by getting to know you as a cyclist

Your Personal Fit starts with an interview. Why do you ride? How do you ride? Any injuries or asymmetries? Any problems with your current bike? What are your goals and aspirations as a rider?

Your range of motion is a critical factor

Next, your flexibility and core strength are assessed to determine your range of motion and ability to comfortably hold a position. Our goal is to design a bike that moves with you, within the range of your unique strengths and limitations, rather than against you.

We find the position where your pedal stroke is most effective and your body relaxed

On the Serotta Size Cycle, your Fit Specialist observes your good and bad postural habits, watches your pedal stroke in action, judges how relaxed you are in the saddle and how easily you're able to draw in large volumes of air. Step by step, your Fitter works with you to piece together a complete picture of you as a cyclist. We study your positional coordinates as you spin the pedals, making adjustments to find the place where your movement fires most effectively -- where power, endurance, comfort and aerodynamics are optimized.

While all of this may seem somewhat extreme, you wouldn't wear a pair of shoes that didn't fit. Why would you ride a bike that doesn't fit?

Appointments are necessary for custom fitting, call us @ 248-545-1225 for yours.

Standard Fitting is included with a bike purchase and includes

  • Proper frame size identified for you
  • Basic handlebar and stem adjustments
  • Basic setting of seat height and angle
  • Any part changing may require an additional charge

Professional fitting to your bike or a new one $175.00 (about 2 hours)

  • Personal consultation on history, type of riding and past injuries
  • Body measurements required for proper fitting
  • Labor and parts swapping (for new bikes) is include in this with LKQ parts, but any upgrades are the customers responsibility.
  • Parts for your existing bike available at additional costs

Serotta Size Cycle fitting $200.00*

  • Complete personal fitting utilizing the Serotta size cycle (about 2-2 1/2 hours)

Serotta Size Cycle Aerobar/timetrial/tri fitting $250.00*

  • Same as a Serotta Size Cycle fit but with the addition of aerobars (about 3 hours)

* Custom frame orders may qualify for fitting cost credit towards purchase.