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Meet The Bicycle Doctor Staff

Randy "Doc" Martin - The Bicycle Doctor's Fearless Leader

Randy "Doc" Martin

Randy "Doc" Martin has been working in the bike industry for a while now... a long while... He's the fearless leader here at The Bicycle Doctor. You'll usually see him in the Bicycle Doctor Van. He's got more bike knowledge tucked away than we can comprehend, and he's happy to share. Randy is one of two Advanced Serotta Fit Technicians here on staff. Randy's favorite quote... "Fffpppffffffff..."

Mark Hardy

Mark Hardy(aka The Intern)...Having been in the bicycle industry for a couple years longer than "Doc". Mark has worked in shops in the Roayal Oak and Oak Park area for years, his passion still burns strong and loves getting the older bicycles running properly and also doing detail work on them. 

David Gaskell

David Gaskell(aka Physical Therapist)...After leaving the shop a few years ago, David is back and enjoying talking about and doing some long self contained touring. If you are looking to getting into touring or road racing David can get you setup and going in the proper direction! David is also an Advanced fitter(Physical Therapist,lol).

The Bicycle Doctor Van, The Bicycle Doctor

The Bicycle Doctor Van

The Bicycle Doctor van has been up and moving since 1989. It started off as a house call vehicle, complete with flashing light bar atop. If you set up a house call, this is what you will see outside your house. Also, you can see it at big events such as the Make-A-Wish 300 mile bicycle tour, the MS150, DALMAC, and Tour De Cure.